Gail Theron

gail-theronGail first came into Bonsai after she had been to a show held at Bob Richard's home. She was captivated by the little trees and after killing two potential Bonsai, she decided to take a few lessons from Bernard after which she was completely hooked. There are about 2000 trees in Gail's Bonsai nursery and her private collection, and she enjoys growing as many varieties as possible, always on the lookout for untried potential subjects. Gail finds growing bonsai stimulating and challenging and although she has been growing trees for 40 years, she feels that she has just scraped the surface of all there is to know Gail cannot imagine life without Bonsai and feels it makes one so aware of nature in this beautiful country we live in.

Conventions and learning from overseas bonsai Masters have been highlights in Gail's bonsai life. She loves to read overseas publications and has a large Bonsai library. Not a day goes by that she does not consult and gain inspiration from one of her books. It is sad that there are no immediate plans for overseas masters to visit South Africa as we seem to be very isolated here on the tip of Africa, but we are fortunate in having many talented growers in South Africa.

Gail held beginners classes for many years for the Kai, lectures regularly for the Kai and has lectured in other bonsai centres as well as at schools and various groups of people. She has been Technical Chairman of the Kai for many years.

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If your trunk lacks taper split the base of the trunk from below and plug the ends open with a piece of wood or a small stone.