Is my soil mix correct?

Q: Some of my pots seem to be retaining an excessive amount of water after normal watering, and especially after a rainy spell. I know this is harmful to any tree, but do not know the cause of it. Has our Kai potting mix perhaps got too much clay in it? Should I repot those trees as an emergency measure?

A: The Kai potting mix is a general potting soil and tries to cater for everyone from Newlands (high rainfall area) to Milnerton (low rainfall area). It might therefore,be necessary to either add sand or clay according to your particular needs and area, although until now, it has been found to drain very fast.

If water still stands visibly 15 minutes after watering, I would recommend moving your tree to a larger pot with new soil added and change the soil and repot at the correct time in spring. Otherwise, remove all moss from the ground cover to give the soil a chance to dry out between watering.

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When you have too thin trunks, you could twist two or three saplings together, fasten them together with wire and allow them time to fuse; or graft two trunks together.