How to speed up the recovery of bonsai trees?

Q: I would like to congratulate the speaker at a recent meeting for a very informative talk on collecting trees from the wild but can he please assist me with one question which did not arise at that time. Once having brought the tree home, is there any special soil in which one can plant it so as to get a quicker recovery. Also mentioned was made of a vitamin enriched water mix - can this be obtained through the Kai?

A: When collecting your tree, it is a good idea to collect also some of its native soil, unless you feel it is contaminated or otherwise unsuitable. The next best to native soil is river sand and a fairly large pot.

As to the vitamin enriched water mix the vitamin is B 12. However, the dilutions are not quite clear as yet but can be obtained from your chemist.

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Random Bonsai Tip

Salvaging wire - Off-cuts of heavy electric cable (three centimeters diameter) as used by the Electricity department will keep you in copper and galvanized wire for a few years. Galvanized wire can be used for stay wiring and also tying down trees and pots against the wind.