Rose Beetles

Sometimes we suddenly notice holes or chewed leaves on our trees - usually soft-leafed deciduous trees. These may be caused by different caterpillars or beetles or by the night feeding brown rose beetle.

They are easily recognized as they are extremely common. They are attracted by light and fly into rooms throughout the world, banging noisily against lamps and walls. During the day they burrow into the soil.

Their grubs are obscene white caterpillar's with a brown head and grayish bottom end. The grubs feed on the roots of plants or stems below soil surface.

Control is by hand picking at night or spraying with an appropriate insecticide.

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Sunlight dripping from tree

Slides off the periwinkle

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Random Bonsai Tip

To thicken thin branches make a cut just below the branch or a bud on the branch. The sugars produced in the leaves of the tree move down to the roots through the phloem, this flow of sap is interrupted by the cut and the accumulation of sugars above the cut increases the vigour as it is used by the bud, forcing it into action. As soon as the wound heals the normal sap flow resumes.