Arbor Day Bonsai Exhibition

City of Cape Town / Western Cape Bonsai Fraternity Partnership

In discussions between the Western Cape Bonsai Fraternity Partnership and the City of Cape Town (City Parks Directorate) the following has been agreed to:

A Bonsai Arbor Day Exhibition will be held from the 03rd-11th September 2011 in the Company’s Garden on a paved area next to the restaurant. The exhibition will be an outdoor exhibition focusing mainly on “big bonsai trees”. This exhibition could lead to an annual Arbor Day exhibition where big tree growers could exhibit their trees to the public. This will also be an excellent platform to market the Western Cape Bonsai clubs and grow the general bonsai interest as an art form.


3rd September 2011

10H00 Refreshments will be served and background music will be provided by violinist Francois Voges. Bonsai club members are welcome.

10H30 Bonsai Exhibition opening by Executive Councillor of Community Services Tandeka Gqada and Bonsai Fraternity representative Hennie Nel.

10H50 Guided walk through bonsai exhibition.

11H00 Bonsai Workshop: three bonsai masters (Rudi Adam, Carl Morrow, Viky Peterman) will conduct a bonsai workshop where 10-15 bonsai artists will work on their own trees. Chairs and umbrellas have been arranged for club members and the public.

14H00 Bonsai Demonstrations: three bonsai artists (Carl Morrow, Freddie Smit, Freddie Bisschoff) will do live demonstrations on designing bonsai trees. Chairs and umbrellas have been arranged for club members and the public.

On-going activities (11H00 – 16H30)

On-going work on bonsai trees by bonsai artists.

On-going help to the public regarding their trees (tree service area).

Bonsai exhibition and educational display.

Bonsai sales area where bonsai trees, bonsai related tools, pots, equipment and accessories will be for sale.

04 September 2011

On-going activities (09H00 – 16H00)

Bonsai artist working on their own trees.

Helping the public to design, improve, and re-pot etc. their bonsai trees.

Bonsai exhibition and educational display.

Bonsai sales area where bonsai trees, bonsai related tools, pots, equipment and accessories will be for sale.

06 – 11 September 2011

Bonsai exhibition and educational display: (09H00 – 16H00).

Bonsai sales are (09H00 – 16H00).

Bonsai helpdesk area where help and information will be given to the public (10H00-14H00).

Guided talks for groups, schools, etc. (11H00 – 13H00) Bookings are essential (Hennie Nel: 0824921891).

Parking arrangements

Parking arrangements Saturday 03 September 2011

Free parking (± 70 parking bays with security) has been arranged. Club members that are bringing trees to the event to work on (working area, workshop, demonstrations) or to get help from other bonsai experts should park in parking area A (as indicated on attached map) from where “tree transport have been arranged to the working area if required. Three disabled parking bays have also been arranged (clearly marked) in this area as requested by individuals.

All other club members should park in parking area B (as indicated on attached map). The parking lot has to be vacated by 17H00 sharp.

Your club badge or a club related identification will be your “entrance pass”.

Parking arrangements Sunday 04 September 2011

Free parking (± 40 parking bays) has been arranged on parking area A. (See map below)

Parking arrangements 06 – 11 September 2011

Five parking bays have been arranged at the entrance of parking area A. (See map below)



Oyama’s big olive tree that is housed at Potters Yard will be transported to the Company’s Gardens on Friday 26 September as part of a pre-event marketing drive. Bonsai club, bonsai nursery and event programme information will also be displayed with “Oliver”. Newspaper, radio, electronic network marketing and marketing at the City Libraries will happen from 29 August onwards. The bonsai clubs should receive the electronic marketing pamphlet by 30th August for distribution.

Exhibition tree transport

Exhibition trees will be collected at club member’s houses and nurseries on 31 August and 1st September. Hennie Nel will be in contact with you regarding detail arrangements.


We are making a call on all Bonsai Clubs and its members to support this historic bonsai event that could become an annual event.

For any additional information please contact Hennie Nel ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or cell no. 0824921891).

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Random Bonsai Tip

Tying roots - Rubber rings (approx one centimeter thick) cut from a motor car tube, have many uses. For example use to tie roots in a Root over rock planting - they also make good garters!