Club Meeting August 2011

by Terry Erasmus

As Yvonne was away Dorothy chaired the August meeting of the Cape Bonsai Kai. The evening was rather cold and wet and so attendance was not what it should have been but everyone there was in high spirits and looking forward to the evenings presentations.

Tony did the judges comment and remarked on the exceptionally high standard of the so-called 'Beginner's table.' A tree which he commented on specifically was a collected olive belonging to Hennie.

Terry who had been asked to talk on 'Tips and Cheats' introduced us to the new club website. He walked us through the different menu's, showed us how to access articles, galleries, tips and much more at the click of a button. There is a tremendous amount of useful and important information available on the website with more on its way so be sure to visit the club website frequently

Freddie and the team organizing the Arbor Week in conjunction with the City of Cape Town have been extremely busy planning a very interesting week of bonsai festivities. Freddie took the opportunity to bring the club up to date on where, how and what. All members are strongly encouraged to attend the opening on Saturday the 3rd but also during the week. Please be sure to check the latest programme which will be posted on the website as soon as it is received from the organizers.

Hennie told us about a special tree of his. It was a collected olive which he decided on. The tree was collected some years ago and is now growing rather healthily in a plastic container with sand only. He brought with him a large chunk of wood which was in fact part of the root base which had been removed after the tree was collected.

Daniel from Neutrog was the main speaker of the evening. He gave us some background on the company, their humble beginnings and how they are penetrating the world organic fertilizer market one chicken poop at a time. We were told of some exciting new products which will soon be available and which promise to be of great interest to bonsai growers. Members were invited to complete enrollment forms in order to belong to their club (you can also enroll online) and were offered the opportunity to purchase some of the Neutrog products at a discounted price.

Dorothy closed the meeting by thanking all the speakers and Andrew for assisting us in an unforeseen IT crisis.

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Random Bonsai Tip

When a tree has reversed taper or a narrowed 'waistline' above the nebari, you could do an airlayering just above the narrow section; or you could damage the cambium layer by either hammering gently with a mallet or by piercing the bark right into the cambium with a sharp object eg. scissors or an awl. You could also make deep incisions along the grain of the bark, where the healing process will cause scarring which would then thicken the trunk.