Overpotted trees

Q: I have often been told that my trees are overpotted. How can I avoid this and what advantages are there to potting any other way?

A: If you have been told that your trees are overpotted then your trees are indeed so. I can understand how you feel in wanting to give your trees a safe amount of soil for them to survive in but this should not be done to the detriment of the overall artistic "appearance. Bonsai after all is an art and can only be judged by appearance, whether your tree is bursting with health or just plain healthy your Bonsai is still looked at as in any other art form from a visual point of view. A larger pot, or being overpotted will detract from its aesthetic beauty by upsetting the balance of the tree to the pot. Your tree may be too good technically to be labelled as a ' tree in a pot' but you are in fact trying to give it that appearance.

So to answer your question as to how you can avoid it, my suggestion is that you should strive for correct balance between root and foliage which in turn will give you a chance to choose a more sui table pot. The advantages are overwhelming for you will have learned an important though basic rule to Bonsai. People will be viewing your trees with ahs and ooh's instead of oh's and remember the health of your tree is up to you.



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Sunlight dripping from tree

Slides off the periwinkle

And splashes on ground

Random Bonsai Tip

When creating a cascade the root-ground level must be on a horizontal plane. This imparts the stability to the whole style. Do not tilt the tree, bend the trunk.