Club Meeting February 2015

by Frik de Jager


Trees with Problems was done by Carl.

Carl pointed out that a lot of problems can be prevented by good feeding and correct  water practices. Regular and correct fertilizing is essential and will prevent a lot of problems.

Root rot was discussed by all members and the 2 main reasons for this problem were identified as It is a situation only occurring during summer months by over watering. A lack of oxygen available for the roots. Stressed trees can also occur due to too much sun during peak summer. But the 2 key factors remain:  Be sensitive towards each tree and  “ Be in touch with your trees”

Branch Ramification by Freddie Bischoff was presented.

Presentation was great and a lot of effort have gone into it; Thanks Freddie; with lots of photos and a lot of beautiful trees was displayed. Freddie started by saying: “Branch development and Ramification takes a lot of time and there is no short cuts.” His personal timespan that he has put on developing these objectives is 6 to 7 years. Start with a good root system and main stem. Get a strong Basis and Primary branches going. Grow and cut Primary Branches. Keep the ratio right between Lower and upper branches. Keep lower branches uncut for longer to thickening up nicely. 4 Important things to remember are:

  1. Grow for Vigour
  2. Prune for Health
  3. Defoliate for sun to get through to the inner part and lower branches.
  4. Start final developing of a tree from the top downwards.

Feeding trees were also graphically displayed and in short came down to the following:

  • Growing trees can be fertilized from October to November and again in February and March.
  • Developed trees must only get fed after February.

Meeting was adjourned by Trevor.

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Random Bonsai Tip

Tree stabilizers - Sew cotton/canvas tubes or use plastic shopping bags partly fill with sand and use as stabilizers when transporting trees by car.