Cape Bonsai Kai December 2016 Newsletter

From the President

Hennie Nel

Dear CBK Member,


December is a hot month, and having to cope with the water restrictions means all bonsai growers are watching and watering their trees with a renewed devotion. The Kai show coming up on the 16 December means we will need to be particularly vigilant with the watering and protecting the moss! Ah the heat and birds wreaking havoc with the moss on the trees and maintenance is certainly a challenge.

Shaun our New Talent representative held the kai’s name high although he did not make it in the top three. Well done and I’m sure the experience will stand you in good stead for the future. We look forward to him sharing his experience at the conference with us.

The Kai show will be setting up on the 15 December and we look forward to all the volunteers been there to help set up the show.

Hopefully you have all submitted your trees you want to show especially the New trees. Frik has done a great job preparing a Master list of the trees we have cards for, which will help remind people like myself what trees I have previously exhibited.

We would like all the trees to be delivered to the hall before 17h00 so that we can start with the judging. Remember judging takes two hours and then we need to do the display!

Please bring stands for your trees with your name and tree it is intended for attached to the bottom of the stand. If you are displaying Shohin/mames and you have a multi Mame stand bring it along.

I would like to make a final appeal to all our members to come to the show and participate actively with your fellow members to make the show a success. Members have been doing a lot of work to ensure the show runs smoothly but we do need members to help on a daily basis to ensure that everything works successfully.

I would like to thank the committee for their commitment this year and on behalf of the committee wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. To those not celebrating Christmas have wonderful festive season.

Bonsai Greetings


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Tying roots - Rubber rings (approx one centimeter thick) cut from a motor car tube, have many uses. For example use to tie roots in a Root over rock planting - they also make good garters!