1 Kirstenbosch Show 2016 222
2 Kirstenbosch Show 2015 219
3 Kirstenbosch Show 2014 245
4 Waterstone Village Exhibition 266
5 Kirstenbosch Show 2013 313
6 Kirstenbosch Show 2012 602
7 Kirstenbosch Show 2011 Part 2 752
8 Kirstenbosch Show 2011 Part 1 1246
9 Kirstenbosch Bonsai Show 2010 1826

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Distant mountain heights...

Lonely trees clinging...

In the hollow of my hand

Random Bonsai Tip

Mixing growing medium - To mix your growing medium, put the mixture into an empty compost bag (as much as you can handle) and tip the bag backwards and forwards - this is much easier and more effective than mixing in a wheelbarrow!