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1 White deposits on pots 916
2 Emergency drainage measures 752
3 Miracle B1 vitamin 939
4 How to prevent branch splitting 785
5 Safe use of lime sulphur 886
6 Nipping growth for smaller leaves 622
7 Too much shade? 485
8 Overpotted trees 490
9 How to stop leaf burn 518
10 Watering mame and shohin trees 488
11 Growing moss in sun 1068
12 Overpotted Trees 958
13 Excessive moisture retension 1114
14 My Pine wobbles and lacks new roots 1137
15 How to speed up the recovery of bonsai trees? 1332

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Pools in the rocks

Softly tinted russet red and brown

Autumn is near

Random Bonsai Tip

Wick watering - Support your tree or pot over a container of water. Place one end of a piece of rope (approx 20 cm long and one centimeter diameter) in the container and bury the other end in the pot of soil - you can now go away on holiday.