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1 White deposits on pots 803
2 Emergency drainage measures 658
3 Miracle B1 vitamin 821
4 How to prevent branch splitting 685
5 Safe use of lime sulphur 769
6 Nipping growth for smaller leaves 522
7 Too much shade? 441
8 Overpotted trees 440
9 How to stop leaf burn 466
10 Watering mame and shohin trees 427
11 Growing moss in sun 1018
12 Overpotted Trees 906
13 Excessive moisture retension 1062
14 My Pine wobbles and lacks new roots 1083
15 How to speed up the recovery of bonsai trees? 1285

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Random Bonsai Tip

When a tree has reversed taper or a narrowed 'waistline' above the nebari, you could do an airlayering just above the narrow section; or you could damage the cambium layer by either hammering gently with a mallet or by piercing the bark right into the cambium with a sharp object eg. scissors or an awl. You could also make deep incisions along the grain of the bark, where the healing process will cause scarring which would then thicken the trunk.