Pests & Diseases

# Article Title Hits
1 General note on pesticides 872
2 Red spider 831
3 Thrips 756
4 Pests and diseases on Junipers 764
5 Scale 780
6 Mildew 781
7 Aphids 744
8 Rose Beetles 891
9 Caterpillars 723

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Sunlight dripping from tree

Slides off the periwinkle

And splashes on ground

Random Bonsai Tip

Straightening training wire - For those who don't know and for those who have forgotten - to straighten training wire that has been removed from a tree, grasp each end of the wire with a pair of pliers and jerk apart. Alternatively, grasping one end of the wire in a vice, and the other with pliers is much more effective as then it is possible to rub the shaft of a screwdriver up and down the wire getting rid of the small bumps.