Bonsai Tree Styles

# Article Title Hits
1 Broom 1029
2 Cascades 756
3 Cascades by Rudi Adam 758
4 Forest Style Part 1 511
5 Forest Style Part 2 595
6 Fukinagashi or Windswept Style 537
7 Hokidachi or Broom Style 608
8 Hollow Trunk 871
9 How to grow Ne-agari style 879
10 Leaning or Slanting Trunk Style 800
11 Leaning Trunk 781
12 Literati or Bunjin 827
13 Raft, Neagari and Horai 1144
14 Rock Clinging 960
15 Rock Clinging Style (Ishizuke) 975
16 Root over Rock Ficus 541
17 Slanting Style 587
18 Togetherness - Multiple-trunk bonsai 935
19 Twin Trunk 801
20 Weeping 938

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Distant mountain heights...

Lonely trees clinging...

In the hollow of my hand

Random Bonsai Tip

Use vinegar and water to remove moss but it is not as effective as using Limestone Ammonium Nitrate (LAN) and water. Be very careful not to spill any of the LAN on the roots of the bonsai tree as it may burn them and may in the worst case cause the tree to die. Carefully paint the LAN and water mix on the trunk of the bonsai tree and within days you should see the moss turn brown and die.