Bonsai Tree Styles

# Article Title Hits
1 Broom 791
2 Cascades 644
3 Cascades by Rudi Adam 658
4 Forest Style Part 1 408
5 Forest Style Part 2 494
6 Fukinagashi or Windswept Style 428
7 Hokidachi or Broom Style 476
8 Hollow Trunk 710
9 How to grow Ne-agari style 739
10 Leaning or Slanting Trunk Style 671
11 Leaning Trunk 677
12 Literati or Bunjin 644
13 Raft, Neagari and Horai 997
14 Rock Clinging 797
15 Rock Clinging Style (Ishizuke) 866
16 Root over Rock Ficus 399
17 Slanting Style 422
18 Togetherness - Multiple-trunk bonsai 768
19 Twin Trunk 671
20 Weeping 777

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Maple leaves turning

red-gold in the Autumn sun

falling..... falling..... gone

Random Bonsai Tip

When a tree has reversed taper or a narrowed 'waistline' above the nebari, you could do an airlayering just above the narrow section; or you could damage the cambium layer by either hammering gently with a mallet or by piercing the bark right into the cambium with a sharp object eg. scissors or an awl. You could also make deep incisions along the grain of the bark, where the healing process will cause scarring which would then thicken the trunk.