Bonsai Tree Styles

# Article Title Hits
1 Broom 1018
2 Cascades 742
3 Cascades by Rudi Adam 746
4 Forest Style Part 1 501
5 Forest Style Part 2 583
6 Fukinagashi or Windswept Style 527
7 Hokidachi or Broom Style 593
8 Hollow Trunk 856
9 How to grow Ne-agari style 869
10 Leaning or Slanting Trunk Style 789
11 Leaning Trunk 771
12 Literati or Bunjin 813
13 Raft, Neagari and Horai 1125
14 Rock Clinging 949
15 Rock Clinging Style (Ishizuke) 958
16 Root over Rock Ficus 530
17 Slanting Style 575
18 Togetherness - Multiple-trunk bonsai 888
19 Twin Trunk 789
20 Weeping 921

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Random Bonsai Tip

To thicken thin branches make a cut just below the branch or a bud on the branch. The sugars produced in the leaves of the tree move down to the roots through the phloem, this flow of sap is interrupted by the cut and the accumulation of sugars above the cut increases the vigour as it is used by the bud, forcing it into action. As soon as the wound heals the normal sap flow resumes.