Cape Bonsai Kai February 2019 Newsletter

From the President


At the last committee meeting we unanimously decided that Trevor Venables deserves to be honoured for his contribution to the club by awarding him honourary life membership. Congratulations.

Thank you to the 18 members who have already paid their 2019 subscriptions. To the rest of us, please remember to pay as soon as possible.

There are so many community bonsai activities happening that we can immerse ourselves in the art on an almost weekly basis.

Much of this vibrant activity is being co-ordinated by the Cape Regional Association of Bonsai (CRAB) under the competent leadership of Viky Petermann. In January I attended the very successful fig festival hosted by Dawn Collier and the Blaauwberg Bonsai Kai. There is the Japan Day celebration in Stellenbosch in March and we, along with Bishopsford Bonsai, are hosting World Bonsai Day on 11 May. Make the effort to attend as you won’t regret the time.

The past month has been a good one for Hennie Nel; not only did he win the CBK cup at the January meeting, but he also won 3 of the 4 awards at the fig festival. Well Done!

Our AGM is coming up in March. If anyone has any Cape Bonsai Kai trophies please arrange for them to come to the February meeting.

There are also 8 people moving advancement grade who will be collecting their new name badges.

Enjoy the hot weather, your figs certainly are!



CBK Newsletter February 2019.pdf


Monthly meeting program for Thursday, 21 February, 2019:

Tree of the Month Buddleja/Olives
Shohin -Suiseki -Kusamono Display Milly Abrahams
Tip of the Month Gail Theron/ Hennie Nel
Judge's comment & discussion Carl Morrow
Buddleja Saligna a neglected bonsai subject Freddie Bisschoff
  • The Newsletter Review is for the January 2019 meeting 
  • The AGM will be held on the 21 March, 2019 ( Please note it is a public Holiday and Carl will discuss at February meeting)


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Sunlight dripping from tree

Slides off the periwinkle

And splashes on ground

Random Bonsai Tip

Straightening training wire - For those who don't know and for those who have forgotten - to straighten training wire that has been removed from a tree, grasp each end of the wire with a pair of pliers and jerk apart. Alternatively, grasping one end of the wire in a vice, and the other with pliers is much more effective as then it is possible to rub the shaft of a screwdriver up and down the wire getting rid of the small bumps.