Cape Bonsai Kai December 2011 Newsletter

From the President

Dear Bonsai members,

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

This year seems to have gone so quickly and I am sure you all feel you would have liked to have spent more time on your trees.

It is this time thing that keep us interested in this wonderful hobby. We feed the trees to grow and then we do not have the time to do what we want to with them. I am very pleased to see so many new members with very good stock and we will see some of them at our show. Thank you for supporting us to make our show a wonderful sight to see. It is the busiest time of the year for us all but it also is the climax of a whole year of pruning, fertilizing and potting etc. and now you can admire all you have done. At our last bonsai club meeting we had a variety of different topics which every one enjoyed listening to. When you hear of each one's problem trees it makes you want to say "the same happened to me" but at the time you think it can only happen to you. Francois was very funny with his tale of woe. Gail is our scientist; she is fantastic with finding out what makes our life easier when it comes to sprays and fertilizers. Dorothy had an azalea which was so perfect we all thought it was a plastic tree. After Carl, Phil and Cindy finished showing us all the pictures and telling us their experience at ABC3 I felt I should have made the effort to go. Freddy did a demo of a Swamp Cypress with a lovely taper and Tony the Pine King showed off with a pine we would all like in our collection and I, thanks to Rudi did a Juniper which I only had time to style.

Do not forget to keep looking at our website there is always something exciting and new. Hoping to see you all at the show!


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Random Bonsai Tip

Straightening training wire - For those who don't know and for those who have forgotten - to straighten training wire that has been removed from a tree, grasp each end of the wire with a pair of pliers and jerk apart. Alternatively, grasping one end of the wire in a vice, and the other with pliers is much more effective as then it is possible to rub the shaft of a screwdriver up and down the wire getting rid of the small bumps.