Cape Bonsai Kai November 2011 Newsletter

From the President

Dear Bonsai members,

I do not think you know how happy you all made me for Volunteering ……. To bring a tree or trees to the show.

I am very proud of you and it will be through this deed that your show will be a success. Thank you once again.

If there are still doubts about the tree or ground cover or pot etc please phone me and I will help you. You will get a form to put the name, style and how many years in training and on that form you will be able to see what marks your tree got. I kept all my lists so that I could see if my tree was improving each year. Also take a photo of it at the show as it always looks do different at a show. By doing all these little things you automatically have a record from the beginning of all your trees as you increase your collection.

It seems like you will have to save a lot of money as each time we have such good speakers you have to go out and buy that species. The olive talk and demonstration I found excellent, thank you Freddie! and Trevor, you made roots really come alive, what a lot of functions they do.

Thank you all.


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Random Bonsai Tip

Wick watering - Support your tree or pot over a container of water. Place one end of a piece of rope (approx 20 cm long and one centimeter diameter) in the container and bury the other end in the pot of soil - you can now go away on holiday.