Cape Bonsai Kai October 2011 Newsletter

From the President

I hope you have all gone out and bought a few maples after Rudi gave an informative, interesting lecture. There was one point I wanted to bring up and that is, if we can cut the leaves for the defoliation on a maple then why is it cheating when I used to cut the big leaves smaller of my figs!!!!!!!! I really do believe there is nothing wrong in cheating with Bonsai as it is all illusions which we are creating.

Viky’s comments on judging are always good as she has a natural insight of the feel of a tree and sees so many ideas to choose from. I think we are all lucky to have such experienced growers who have learnt the hard way as no books or internet were available and they know things that are still not written about.

I am sure you are all busy repotting and pruning all ready for our show. Please let me see at LEAST one tree from every member to make a bumper show. If you are not sure about a tree I am quite willing to come and see you and give you all the help needed to get it up to scratch. I know it is nerve racking the first time your tree is on show but after that you become more confident. Remember we have beginners, novice and advanced groups.

The work shop at Dorothy’s house was an enjoyable afternoon with lots of laughter and lots of hard work was achieved and good discussions on how daunting it is to bring you first tree to either a meeting or workshop as you can see the difference between your tree and more mature trees. You must never forget that each one of us started with immature trees and felt like you do often so just take the plunge. Bring your tree to the meeting so we can give you the chance to take that step.

Enjoy the spring repotting and pruning.


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Tenderly, lovingly

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Random Bonsai Tip

To thicken thin branches make a cut just below the branch or a bud on the branch. The sugars produced in the leaves of the tree move down to the roots through the phloem, this flow of sap is interrupted by the cut and the accumulation of sugars above the cut increases the vigour as it is used by the bud, forcing it into action. As soon as the wound heals the normal sap flow resumes.