Cape Bonsai Kai September 2011 Newsletter

From the President

I hope all of you went to the Cape Town Gardens to see the wonderful display in the most beautiful setting in Cape Town. Thanks to Willem, Freddie and Hennie for their perseverance, energy and very hard work to put this all together. I think this is just the start to lots of exciting things that are going to happen in the future for Bonsai in the Cape. Also I appreciate all the work that Peter did with the photos and information, Russ in the selling and all those that demonstrated and helped the public understand more of the art of Bonsai. The size of all the trees were very impressive and I for one feel privileged to have been able to see the larger trees which we very seldom see all in one place. I missed the opening which I hear was very well attended; everyone enjoyed the free scones and drinks and Francois’s violin recital.

I have to say I did miss you all and was wondering how the August meeting went. I had such a lovely time and stood in awe at certain places just seeing all the green colours and very, very old trees in the ground. I did not realize that the beefwood tree had such beautiful veins, but boy they do make a mess!!! The holly trees were in berry and the cotoneaster which they use as hedges. What struck me was the amount of hanging baskets used to pretty the outside of buildings. I have taken pictures of houses that would have been unsafe here in this country as their roof was so uneven and moldy or full of moss. The village I lived in is so picturesque you feel you have gone back in time. The time just flew so I have to go back again and again. See you all at the next meeting.


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Random Bonsai Tip

When creating Ishizuke or a rock clinging bonsai planting there must be harmony between the tree and rock, that is, the style of the tree and the shape of the rock must have artistic harmony and it must be natural.