Cape Bonsai Kai August 2011 Newsletter

From the President

A lovely surprise awaits us all as we saw the preview of our website and it is all very informative and very easy to use. We will all benefit from this as it will be updated every month with different articles and anything of interest. If any one has seen or heard of something they would like to share with us all, please do not be shy to come forward to one of the committee, as well as unusual pictures of trees or a bonsai inn etc. actually anything to do with Bonsai. Unfortunately I will be away for your meeting, I will be studying the trees and Autumn colour in the UK. Please do not forget to support or help for the arbor week this is a very good opportunity to educate people about Bonsai. There will be a lot for sale and demonstrations and you can bring your own tree to work on or ask some ones opinion of what would improve your tree. Peter will be waiting to receive your ideas of our Logo. Do not forget to let Rudi know what you would really like to be taught or what hands on workshops you would like for next years program. In the next two months you will all have dirty nails from the repotting but it is worth it as the earth smell you experience is so nice. I had a scary experience today as I went to the restaurant at the top of Tokai Forest and a friend of mine and I were discussing the veins of the trees and also pointing out that mostly when the tree trunk is straighter the branches are also straighter and visa versa when I saw her stiffen and go pale. Just behind me was a baboon and I jumped up and ran behind her and I saw my bag still on my seat. I did not have the guts to grab it but thank goodness the baboon monitors came to my rescue. Needless to say I insisted to go somewhere else for a walk to get rid of the fat of the cheese cake I had just eaten!!! Enjoy your hobby.

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Random Bonsai Tip

When you have too thin trunks, you could twist two or three saplings together, fasten them together with wire and allow them time to fuse; or graft two trunks together.