Cape Bonsai Kai July 2011 Newsletter

From the President

Who would think that over 20 members would brave the ice cold and rain to come to a club meeting. Well I would like to congratulate you all as you will go far in your Bonsai hobby as this shows how enthusiastic and keen you are. Our workshop ended up with Freddie doing a very professional job telling us all about deciduous trees so much so none of us wanted him to stop and that is why we did not have hands on. He will have to come back to tell us what he could not fit in this lecture. The power point was fantastic and showed the agenda for the evening so they did not really need me!! Thank you Dorothy for standing in for Gail. Lionel had another operation and we all wish him a speedy recovery as well as Neville who is in hospital again. Thanks also to Terry for doing the review of the evening and especially to Peter who brought all the equipment for the evening which worked with no hitches. We had one visitor and two new members Rory Stie and Antony Moller and we wish you both happy Bonsaiing. I was a little distracted at the meeting hence forgetting all the coming events. I had left one of my grandchildren alone at home at the age 15 years which is a dangerous thing to do. My one son at that age made popcorn and when I came home he was smearing the wall with a cloth that was black with oil smoke trying to clean. At the same time of the meeting my other son who turned 50 years that day was trying to get me on the phone from a holiday in Thailand, hence me looking after my grandchildren. I can tell you now I did not have to worry as all was well. Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday at Hennie ‘s house for the workshop and bring your deciduous trees along that you wanted to work on at the meeting.

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Random Bonsai Tip

Salvaging wire - Off-cuts of heavy electric cable (three centimeters diameter) as used by the Electricity department will keep you in copper and galvanized wire for a few years. Galvanized wire can be used for stay wiring and also tying down trees and pots against the wind.