Cape Bonsai Kai June 2011 Newsletter

Well what an informative evening we all had last meeting. Rudi brought a Maple with the most beautiful red leaves and we were so surprised with the method he used to get them that colour. Next Autumn I can see lots of arguments on who is going to use the fridge and for what!!! At least there is another method other than the fridge and that is ice blocks. Trevor is so clear about the basic styles and this info should help us all on which way we want to go when deciding on a style. It is always so interesting to hear the judge’s choice as Tony showed us what he like and why and that opens new insight for the grower and members. We were all wishing we had Gail’s tree so we could tell the story. What a pleasing tree it is with the lovely bark and veins and now that the foliage is establishing itself she can refine the jins. I can not express enough how important evaluation of trees is. In my opinion it is this method that helps us all to see what we can improve on in our own trees. Practice what you have learnt from Trevor and if you have difficulty in doing so we can help you. Our Website is coming along and our power point equipment is being ordered and we are all looking forward in learning how to use it. Our Workshop at Rudi’s was interesting as work was done on English Myrtle, Pines, and Juniper. It was very cold but no one seemed to notice as they were so absorbed in what they were doing. Thank you Rudi for your guidance.

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When creating a cascade the root-ground level must be on a horizontal plane. This imparts the stability to the whole style. Do not tilt the tree, bend the trunk.