Cape Bonsai Kai September 2010 Newsletter

I can not express the joy it was to chair last month’s meeting. The buzz, with everyone communicating with one another has never been so wonderful; I had to drag you all to your seats!!! A very special thanks first of all to Gail and Rudi for doing so much trouble to bring all the trees and equipment so that you all could experience making a forest. The talk by Rudi on how to achieve a forest was excellent and from beginners to advanced learnt something new. Congratulations on the achievement, as you all won the points. I can see that at our next show or the one after there will be lots of forests. Thanks to Gail for seeing to the Library. I had another wonderful experience as I went to see Hennie Nel’s trees. Well, I feel ashamed that he saw my trees in such a state. There were NO weeds on all his hundred trees. Each and every tree was exceptionally healthy (regular feeding) and every ground cover was done with love and attention. He has a variety of species in different styles and grows a lot from seed and cuttings. Cindy has my dream workshop for Bonsai in a room with windows over looking a mountain garden with huge rocks, waterfall, trees, flowers and of course Bonsais. It is very exciting going to all the members to see their Bonsai trees and set up, each one being very different. You should all try to do it. The workshop at  my house was very stimulating and a lot of work was achieved by all even though I was told I talk too much!!!! I will have headache pills next time to hand out. That reminds me that when I first started Bonsai I repotted a tree at the wrong time and to save it Rudi told me to use ohms wire round the pot to increase the heat (the tree thinks it is spring time) and to give it disprin and it worked. I hope you are all gearing up for our exciting 40th Birthday. See you all there. Remember there is no Club meeting for September.

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