Cape Bonsai Kai September 2017 Newsletter

From the President

Dear CBK Member,

I have just returned from the Kgalagadi, where our group consisted of a flower and birdies enthusiast and me going wild pointing out trees, which made for a very interesting trip!

Well done to the committee and presenters for ensuring a very good meeting by all accounts. Hopefully you have all been inspired to do some grafting, amongst the repotting and pruning.

Our next meeting we will have the privilege of Carl Morrow an invitee to talk at the Bonsai Europa convention in October. He will be working on a Swamp Cypress which we will auction after he has worked on it. This will be donated to Carl to assist with his expenses to cover the trip. Carl has been a great contributor to the Kai and the experience at Bonsai Europe will enable him to give us new insights into all the new trends in Europe.

So please bring your credit cards! The new owner will have the opportunity to own a tree Carl has worked on and they will be able to call on him for continued advice on the swamp’s development. This will be great opportunity to enhance your collection.

We have two shows coming soon. The October Bonsai Festival in the Company Gardens taking place on the 29/30 October and the Cape Kai will be exhibiting Ficus trees on our display table. The trees must be “two man” trees that they can be locked down and will remain at the Gardens overnight. Security will be provided. We will also need members to be working on trees during
the weekend, so please keep the weekend open and let us know what you can help with. There are also the Competition trees, with considerable prizes, so get your trees ready.

The December Kai show also needs you attention, so having selected your trees, feed and work on them.

Kind Regards

Hennie Nel

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