Cape Bonsai Kai December 2017 Newsletter

From the President

Dear CBK Member,

The Kai show is over indicating another end of the year!

The show was characterised by many first time trees and excellent trees on show. Well done to all those that made the effort to display trees and to those that brought suiseki, which added great novelty to the display.

Thanks to the enthusiastic workers who helped set up the display on the Thursday, enabling the show to be ready at around 18h00. The dismantling also went smoothly with virtually the same people setting it up doing duty.

We have had a professional photographer photograph all the winning trees-which we will soon see on the Kai website.

I think it would be remiss of me not to comment on the lack of attendance of Kai members to the show. There were never enough members to adequately cover the show area and the sales area, some members who displayed trees dropped their trees Thursday and fetched them Sunday without even offering help. This meant that there was a very small core trying to cover all bases all the time. It was very disappointing as many request were sent out for Helpers-maybe those not attending can let me know what can be done to get them there.

I will be sending out the Kai subs for the 2018 and remind members that the subs are due in January 2018. I appeal to you to help us by paying your subs timeously and not waiting for reminder after reminder.

The January meeting should be very exciting as Terry has invited a professional photographer-who also has bonsai-to give us some tips photographing our bonsai. We will also have Freddie dismantling a magnificent Ficus rock planting, which will be fascinating and educational. I urge you to attend.

Finally, on behalf of the committee, I would like to wish all a merry Christmas and happy New Year and for those not celebrating Christmas – Happy Holidays.

Kind Regards

Hennie Nel

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