Cape Bonsai Kai January 2018 Newsletter

From the President

Dear CBK Member,

It has been a very rude awakening returning from a very cold, snowy Italy to a very hot dry and waterless Cape Town. This was compounded when I decided to go collect water at the Newlands Spring, only to find I now shared it with a thousand other desperate Capetonians. I hope your bonsai are surviving and you are implementing all the “watering” tips that have been shared. I have found the articles Terry has posted on Bonsai Tree very helpful. ( I have particularly used the humidity tray for the Shohin and smaller trees successfully, and the double potting for other trees that have a very shallow pot.

I would like to thank Freddie and his“team” for dismantling the root over rock planting, which by all accounts was awesome. I think it is really indicative of bonsai and a great lesson for aspiring bonsai artist, to realize that patience is of the essence and 2/3years is not long to wait for you to see the fruits of your labour. Thanks also to Terry, stepping in for the
photographic slot and the tree judging.

I would like to thank all the members who have paid their subs and remind those who have not paid, that the subs were due in January. Please do not let us have to phone you before you pay, it is not comfortable for both parties.

The February meeting should be exciting as we are dealing with some very old favourites namely Olives and Buddleja. Viky and Phil are going to deal with carving in particular.
In March we have our AGM and I would appreciate it if we can have all the prize winners in attendance and other members. We need to elect some new members onto the committee, so please do not stay away because you’re afraid you will be nominated onto the committee.

Think what you can do for your club and not what your club can do for you!

Kind Regards

Hennie Nel

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