Cape Bonsai Kai July 2018 Newsletter

From the President

Dear CBK Member,

A big “Thank you” to Viky for hosting the Kai’s monthly workshop over the past weekend. Only 5 people were there but it was a very enjoyable afternoon of clear time to work on trees, get advice when stuck and chat socially about both trees and the politics of the day. It is difficult to make time to get to these events organised for the members but I would really encourage people to try to get to the next one. The workshop on 1 September is a big one, not only is it on Spring Day, but it is also our annual club edition of the New Talent competition where we will be selecting our representatives for the regional round.

We have just received notice and the program of the next CRAB regional event being held on 8 to 9 September. Tygerberg Bonsai club is hosting a weekend focussing on deadwood in bonsai. There is a very interesting cast of presenters from shohin specialists who carve tiny trees to gentle hand carvers to machine maniacs. It promises to be very stimulating and potentially quite provocative and will provide a really thorough review of the state of the art of deadwood in bonsai. There is also a Sunday workshop where you can get help with your own deadwood project.

The theme for our club meeting on the 16th is Elms; different species and I am looking forward to a less stressed Brett presenting the main talk on a date that he was expecting! We will also be having our CBK cup competition for the best tree on display at the meeting.

We are brainstorming ideas for the Bonsai festival on 27 and 28 October. Cedric has volunteered, yes VOLUNTEERED! to help coordinate the display. I am excited by the ideas running around the committee and we will give you more details once these have crystalised into clear plans.

I am constantly thinking about bonsai, it fills my thoughts and life but I do understand that there is a very wide range of interest and passion for the art within the club membership. I hope that each of you is getting from the club what you want from this hobby. Please keep communicating with the committee about what aspects you are enjoying and what you would like to see changed. Bright ideas will lead to a bright club and our sustainability depends on us continuing to be relevant to the people that belong to the club.

We still need some people to join the committee to help with planning, ideas and implementation. Further, we need someone that is able to post details of our meetings and events onto our social media platforms; it would be very helpful to promote the innovative nature of our bonsai and organisation. As Frik pointed out, it can be very minimal effort as the post can be created in real time at the meeting and then posted immediately afterwards without you having to find time elsewhere to contribute

See you on the 16th.



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