Club Meeting April 2012

by Graham la Foy

The proceedings commenced with our newly elected President, Terry welcoming many new guests (and hopefully some aspiring new bonsai enthusiasts!). Apologies from a number of members were recorded & feedback given on Lionel & Gail's recovery & progress in health. We all wish them speedy recoveries.

The first slot belonged to Trevor who delivered a very informative talk on the woes of "Root Rot". He mentioned the 'where & how do you find out' whether your trees suffer from this disease is keen observation of your bonsais. Tell-tale signs are unusual leaf colour changes (yellowing) and the tree taking on an unhealthy appearance. Trevor warned that once the disease has set in, it becomes extremely difficult to treat. Here, the prevention is better than cure rule applies. Firstly, practice good hygiene on your trees. Secondly, use good quality materials. Thirdly, ensure good drainage. Some suggested treatments were changing of the soil & applying appropriate fungicides (eg. Kick-back, etc.)

Rudi then took over with Judge's Choice, choosing a Diospyros from Viky, which had some exquisite glossy leaves & an elegant trunk. A lively Q&A chat followed surrounding the growth pattern of this species.

The main slot of the evening was by Adam, who delighted & enthused us with a slide show on him & his spouse's visit to Japan. We were treated with an eye-opener journey into the wonderful Autumnal display of Japanese horticultural art, tradition & their love & enjoyment of bonsai. His portrayal of the Japanese attention to detail to all things 'GREEN' was truly inspiring. I guess for any aspirant visitor there, getting in touch with Adam would be worth your while.