Club Meeting August 2012

by Pieter Loots

Our last meeting was opened by Trevor who thanked everyone for attending and also made apologies for those not being able to be there, he then spoke about pesticides and fertilizers for sale by the club, that are given to members at cost price.

Yvonne reminded club members about the Arbor month bonsai show at the Company gardens in Cape Town, and asked for more volunteers. She also announced that Andrew will be our new club IT specialist.

Then Jan-Jurie spoke about spring pests and how to prevent damage caused by them. He pointed out that it is important to always investigate for any pests and take preventative measures before the problem arises. Look under leaves, between nodes and keep an eye on your soil and drainage.

One of the advanced Buddleja's on show at the meeting was discussed by Viky. It was quite a nice tree, but she did point out that it could be re potted into a smaller pot and the front could be changed.

Then we had a review by Cindy of the Winter Bash held at Stark Ayres. Carl Morrow had a very interesting talk there and workshop on a Swamp Cyrpress, and Freddie Boschoff had an in-depth talk and workshop on the same species. Hannes was doing an exceptional carving demonstration on a maple which was on show at the August club meeting.

Then finally Graemme La Foy had an extremely interesting talk about Slasto slabs. He showed us the process he follows from start to end product and brought some very nice finished pieces with. Graemme pointed out that Shale stone can be drilled, polished and shaped with relative ease as long as care is taken and you use the right tools.

I am sure we all learned something new and refreshed our eager bonsai minds after such an eventful meeting. I surely cannot wait to attend the Arbor show and the next meeting, until then keep your fingers green.