Club Meeting September 2012

by Amith Ramballie

Our previous meeting was opened by Terry, who informed the members of three upcoming events: a Mini Bonsai Convention that took place in Bloemfontein over the weekend of the 22-23rd September, the Benbel Bonsai Weekend in October, as well as the CBK Show in December in Kirstenbosch Gardens. It was encouraging to note that so many old and new members volunteered to avail trees for the show. Terry also thanked members for their participation in the Arbor Day Celebrations at the Company Gardens.

Brett reviewed books that he had taken out of the library during the previous meeting, and the book: Man Lung Penjing was especially interesting, as it presented a lot of variations in landscape plantings.

Peter Bruyns presented the first talk of the evening on the topic "Psylla". Peter spoke of the four main types of Psylla with respect to common bonsai (Olea, Mali, Betula and Buxi). The talk presented information on the differences between the different Psylla, as well as the means to control them.

Francois Voges was next on the agenda, and he urged everyone to be vigilant if considering showing a tree this year, as we were already into the 90 day mark, of the "100 day Countdown to Show". A few of the tips that he presented were: feed weekly, weakly; do not defoliate in October; Iron Chelate 2 weeks before the show to encourage greener foliage; 5-7 days before, spray the tree with Oleum; and 24hrs before, an application of Wiltpruf if necessary.

Tony Bent spoke about Terrys Wisteria and Johannes' Juniper in the judge's choice.

A reminder was made of the upcoming workshop on the weekend of the 29th at Freddie Bisschoffs home.

The evening was concluded with a fascinating presentation by Rudi Adams on the Cascade Style of Bonsai. Rudi brought along a few trees for practical explanation, with respect to styling options, pot choice, transporting of cascades and displaying. It was interesting to note that there are so many variations on the cascade style.