Club Meeting November 2014

by Jurie van Heerden

Jurie welcomed all members - he also reminded members of the Cape Bonsai Kai Show from the 12 to 14 December 2014 and to prepare their trees.

Brett Simon started the evening with a presentation and talk about Bonsai pots. He described what unusual pots are and choosing the correct pot for your bonsai. He talked about the various different pots that you can get with examples of the different shapes and sizes. Brett closed the presentation by thanking everyone for their time.

Judge's choice and Group Discussion was done by Yvonne Romain and she discussed an Azalea with beautiful flowers and commented that it might need to have a more shallow pot.

Further discussions were regarding a wild olive from Vicky, a fig which she mentioned in her opinion needs more foliage, a Juniper nana scene with a beautiful rock and lastly another wild olive from Vicky in a pot made by her.

Terry and Carl brought 2 trees to work and discuss with the club members.

Terry discussed a Japanese Red Pine and talked about candle pruning, needle plucking and how to design the tree to look older by bringing the branched down.

Carl talked about Acacia robusta from Kirstenbosch which has been grown from seed since 1943. He discussed the pot which is based on the famous Mr Su’s pots and he owned it since 2005.

The members discussed and commented on the 2 trees until Jurie closed the meeting.


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